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An amalgam of raw energy, classic charm, bi-gone era romance and formidable stage presence, grace every note of Todd Eckart’s live performance. He is part wistful crooner, part country song-smith, and equal measure rock-n-roll heart throb. Reminiscent of the days when a man armed only with his guitar, his songs, and a burning desire to tell his story could pour out his soul to a back beat, and in a manner of speaking, conquer the world, the charts, but most poignantly and infinitely, and most importantly, touch the hearts of many a listener male and female ….young and old alike. It is this special alchemy of kinetic energy, raw talent, and sincerity of soul that Todd’s music possesses.


Now for the first time, those who have not had the chance to see Todd’s live performance, though countless have in his native home in the Midwest, as well as abroad, can hear what this local artist has been charming fans with for years. From the comfort of their own home, ipod, car, castle, grass hut, or tractor, Todd is making the leap to undoubtedly international recognition with his soon to be released self titled debut CD. He has infused all the old time grit, polish, and poise of his influences with a modern pop sensibility, that is as fresh and uniquely his own as it his familiar in it’s quality. To bridge the gap between what was great and what is great is something Todd’s music does with seemly effortless ease. To pay homage without being derivative is a tall order, and that is one challenge that Todd Eckart is clearly up for.

Laura Jo DeWitt